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Dynamic Range Control (DRC)

Question asked by skhan on Jul 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by skhan

Hallo Everyone


I am using ADAU 1452 MINIZ Evaluation board for my project. I am looking for a way to implement a Dynamic Range Control (DRC) algorithm. So the whole idea is like this if the input is 90 dB output should go down to 60 dB and so on. Is there any block in Sigma Studio that can perform this algorithm?


Also the experienced members of my team does not want to use any compressor, so we are looking for some implementation without the attack and release time. So my idea was to multiply the input signal with a constant value below 1 to get a reduced output signal but this gives a linear reduction in the whole level instead of dynamic output as in the compressor.


I am not quite sure if it is possible to achieve this. I am relying on the expertise of the experienced sigma studio users. Thanks in advance.