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SigmaStudio + CrossCore projects

Question asked by SteMMo on Jul 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by JJoseph

Hi all,

21489 EZ board.

I have a sample project developed on SigmaStudio: this one is compiled and loaded in the external Flash memory. This is correct cause when I boot the board I hear the music i put in the input.

I also wrote some code by CrossCoreES starting from the uart_test.c on Power_On_Self_Test project.

When I compile and run the debug version of that code I'm not able to head the music but now the serial port is active. If i reset the board I head the music, no serial port.

It seems that the code has deleted the schematic.

Is it normal ? How can i avoid it?

How can i have both the code AND the schematic ?


Please help me,