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ADAS3023 How to set PGIA gain procedure? Stuck In Default

Question asked by smackie on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by smackie


I am trying to start up and configre the ADAS3023 chip on a new board.we have devloped.

I am currently trying to set the PGIA gain to +/- 5.12V. The hex value I am sending to the chip is 0xF55F.

After the message has been sent, the chip begins operating but in default mode (+20.48).

I am send 9 blank packets of 0x0000 to the chip to read back the data and the config reg..

The 9th packet correctly show the config reg i have sent (0xF55F).


During the Initalision of the chip i send the config reg followed by 7 blank packets, then CNV line is toggle (logic HIGH for 1uS) to creat an EOC event.


During normal operation the CNV line is toggle (logic HIGH for 1uS), then the CS line is set to logic LOW,

the 9 blank packets are sent, and then the CS line is set to logic HIGH. This is ran inside while(1) loop and continuously reads data.


I wondering is there any steps which i have missed in setting the config reg or possibly causing the chip to operate in default but still read back the correct config reg?