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Booting a ADSP TS201 by an external flash

Question asked by Edwin on Jul 29, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2011 by Edwin

Im  designing a board which has 3 TS201 and a Virtex6 FPGA. I wish to use a  flash drive to boot my DSP's. I have been reading a pdf "ADSP-TS20x  TigerSHARC® Processor Boot Loader Kernels Operation (EE-200)" which gives me an  idea as to how the function takes place using the EEPROM flash. My  doubts are:


1)  Does the DSP load the boot loader directly (from locations 0x000 to  0x3ff of the flash memory), if we connect the BMS pin of one DSP to  ground in the hardware?


2)  Do we need to use the DMA port pins on the DSP for the booting process?  If yes, is it only for the master DSP ( the one in which the boot  loader is loaded) or for the other 2 DSPs as well? As part of the same question, can you confirm whether the boot loader has to be loaded into each n every DSP?


3) Its mentioned that the ID of the DSP can be computed and stored in rx10! How is it computed???


Kindly please reply to these queries.


Thank you.