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ADSP-SC58x: failed to program uboot on ADSP-SC589-EZ-BRD

Question asked by pj0585 on Jul 1, 2016
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I'm exploring the newly releases CCES Linux Addin (1.1.0) with the CCES 2.3.0


I want to program my SC589-EZ-BRD with the Uboot & Linux.

I'm following the steps as the CCES Help: "Linux Add-in User's Guide → A Quick start guide →Flashing Uboot for the first time" but my uboot fails to program. After following the steps and resetting my board I expect the Uboot log and boot prompt but I see nothing on the serial console.


I started looking deeper and I found that Step 3.4 does not quite succeed. The "run update" command does not complete successfully. The last step: "sf write" gives a problem because ${filesize} value is not set. I manually ran the individual commands in defined in "update" but still does not help.



Am I doing something wrong? Does anybody else face the same issue?

How can I check if tftp copying succeeded or not?


Regards, Pj