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(ADV7390)Macro Vision

Question asked by donadona999s on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by donadona999s

Hi !


I have some question about ADV7390.

Please see this waveform.



This waveform is from our customer.

When they use ACP , it looks that there is some overshoot and undershoot.

And when they don't use ACP , our customer says there is no overshoot or undershoot.





If our customer use Low-drive mode , would the overshoot and undershoot will decrease?



When they use Low-drive mode, they have to change RSET to 4.12kOhms and ,RL=300Ohms.

Is this correct?




Is there any concern to change to Low-drive mode?



Is there any way you can give us some advice to decrease the overshoot and undershoot with other ways?

Or is there any way to change the AGC pulse level?



When they use macrovision ACP type2/type3 , it should specify the line and change the color burst.

But ADV7390 look like changing the color burst which is not specified.

Is this right for ADV7390?

For example ,ACP type2 Field1

  1st ; 30-31 line

  2nd ; 47-48 line

  3rd ; 64-65  line

  :  :  :  :  : 

It look like changing after the 3rd line as I wrote above .

Can we stop changing after the 3rd line with the resister?

We don't know about macro vision at all .

So we are asking our customer to ask to someone else that is it going to be problem

to pass the macro vision test.



Also this problem is very critical for our customer to pass the macro vision

so if you can help us fast, it will help us very much.


Best regards.