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ADC and DAC failure on ADSP-SC584 EZ-KIT

Question asked by twacks on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by DaveThib

Hi everyone,


I have been working over the last week on compiling and running the example programs EE-377 and EE-383 (audio talkthrough ADC to DAC) for my ADSP-SC584 Evaluation board. However I have constantly experienced very unstable and erratic behaviours. Sometimes a heap allocation error occurs at runtime, and most of the time the audio passthrough just doesn't work, when it used to work with the exact same configuration previously. The silicon revision of my board is 0.1 in CCES and all jumpers are let in their default state, has anyone experienced similar issues with their own kit? Or is there something I might have missed in the process?






P.S: I have attached a photo of the board's current wiring.