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External SPI with ADRF6720 Evaluation board

Question asked by zari2103 on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by LKelly

I'm writing concerning the ADRF6720 Evaluation board. We have purchased 8 of them for our lab and I am currently using it with the GUI and it works fine, however, nothing happens when trying to write via SPI using a Raspberry Pi. I've verified that I'm sending the data expected, however, nothing meaningful happens when viewing the output on the Spectrum Analyzer. The only thing I've observed happening is that the LOOUT+ turns off when given certain commands. I've even copied the data from the GUI window and read it into the ADRF6720 via SPI and the relevant changes haven't taken place. What is happening here? Can you suggest any possible changes that may help? Maybe there is something that I'm missing?


More information. I'm using a 3 wire connection with MOSI and MISO on the RPi connected via a 10K resistor and the MOSI connected to the 6720 in addition to the CLK and CS of course (see attachment below). I send 3 bytes of data, one with the register bits and the other two that contain data bits.