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HMC1027BG: Power Dissipation

Question asked by AkiraO on Jul 1, 2016



I received an inquiry from out customer. Could you please support me?


(1)According to the datasheet of HMC1027BG, the test condition of Power Dissipation is described as "All 13 channels ON, AC-coupled, 400mVppd, no DE, EQ enable mode". How about in case of DE ON? How much increase the power dissipation from the value of datasheet?


(2)As for don't use output pins,

these output pins were connected to VCC by 50 ohms on the evaluation board of HMC1027BG. Are there any problems if we change the pull up resistor from 50 ohms to 1000 ohms for reduce the power dissipation?


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