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ADI IIO Oscilloscope usage

Question asked by sanjosanjo on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by mhennerich

I am using the FMComms3 card with a ZC702 Xilinx board.  I am running the ADI IIO Oscilloscope application on a Windows PC and I am connected to the evalution boards using the network interface.  The GUI has a tab named "FMComms2/3/4" which has controls to set the PLL frequencies, sampling rate and other high level settings.  There is a second tab named "FMComms2/3/4/5/ Advanced" which has detailed control settings for the AGC parameters.  When I change a AGC parameter on "FMComms2/3/4/5/ Advanced" and click "Save Settings", the AGC settings are applied, but the PLL frequencies and sampling are changed back to their default values.

How can I change AGC parameters without constantly having the other settings get set to their defaults?