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Weird performance of voltage network input on ADE7953

Question asked by mamech on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2016 by mamech

I am trying to calibrate ADE7953.

I tried voltage transformer first with the vp and vn inputs, the readings of Vrms register were linear, and I got satisfactory results.

but when I used voltage network instead of Voltage transformer, I found that Vrms values are not linear!


for example:

at input 226 volts ----> Vrms = 7086792

at input 112 volts ----> Vrms = 4682430

at input 57 volts ----> Vrms = 1691471


the results are stange, and I could not get a valid V/lsb  constant, because it seems that the results are not consistent.


kindly find the attached schematic for our voltage network.


(note: the jumper in the schematic is for selection between VT and Voltage network )


I do not understand, where is the problem??