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AD9361 AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ Tx Attenuation Control

Question asked by yanyu.huang on Jun 30, 2016
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We are trying to set the Tx attenuation on AD9361 through Matlab/iio library. There was an attribute before this version of iio lib, but after we updated to the current version, these are the only attributes left for us to set. We are wondering what are the possible ways to set Tx attenuation level?


% Set the attributes of AD9361
input{s.getInChannel('RX_LO_FREQ')} = 2.45e9;
input{s.getInChannel('RX_SAMPLING_FREQ')} = samplingrate;
input{s.getInChannel('RX_RF_BANDWIDTH')} = bandwidth;
input{s.getInChannel('RX1_GAIN_MODE')} = 'slow_attack';
input{s.getInChannel('RX1_GAIN')} = 0;
input{s.getInChannel('RX2_GAIN_MODE')} = 'slow_attack';
input{s.getInChannel('RX2_GAIN')} = 0;
input{s.getInChannel('TX_LO_FREQ')} = 2.45e9;
input{s.getInChannel('TX_SAMPLING_FREQ')} = samplingrate;
input{s.getInChannel('TX_RF_BANDWIDTH')} = bandwidth;