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Fmcomms5- simultaneous acquisition of data

Question asked by nidhinki on Jun 29, 2016
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I'm using fmcomms5 and zc706 to capture data simultaneously using IIO oscilloscope tool in Linux OS. What I have observed is that data in two channels within a single ad9361 are coming simultaneously and  can be  seen it in IIO oscilloscope, but between two ICs I am not able to see the simultaneous acquisition.


I am using a signal generator and a splitter to generate 4 RF signals, The splitter and RF cables used were checked with Network analyzer to ensure the phase matching between 4 RF signals.


Can anyone suggest on how to acquire data simultaneously (i.e with phase matching) on all 4 channels.


The screen shots for channels 1-2 and 3-4 (two channels within single ad9361, fig 1&3) and 1-3( two channels of two ad9361s, fig2) is attached





It can be seen that in 2nd figure(channel 1 and 3) data acquisition is not  simultaneous



Nidhin K.