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Install Libiio to Petalinux OS

Question asked by Quamstar on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by larsc

Hi Guys,


I'am working with the latest given Xilinx Petalinux Image (2016.2) and i wanted to add the libiio from analog devices ( Unfortunately i can't use apt-get install and git-clone to install the necessary packages and the libiio itselfs. Now i wanted to ask you guys how to compile/install thos packages with a given image (by modifying the image), or even if this is not possible can you recommend a guide by setting up a new petalinux from skretch and adding those packages and the libiio during this process.


I know that this is maybe more a topic to a xilinx forum, but i think some of you had already some experience with this issue


Thanks and regards