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ADV7533 Audio issue

Question asked by JerryS on Jun 28, 2016
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I have customer used ADV7533 in project with max output video resolution up to 720P.

the PCBA was back these few days, and I work with customer for ADV7533 initial settings.

The ADV7533 Video output is fine with 720P, but there is no Audio output.

a. I have checked audio format Reg 0x0A~0x0D and AV mute reg 0x4B, but these settings seems to fine.

     Checked Reg 0xAF to make sure output HDMI or DVI mode. (it is HDMI mode out now)

     Input video format of ADV7533: 720P/60Hz, 3-Lane MIPI(24bit)

     Input Audio format of ADV7533: 48KHz Sampling rate, 16bit I2S width, left justified, N Value=6144


b. Regarding audio sampling rate 48KHz, the I2S LRCLK and SCLK audio waveform are correct.(LRCLK:48KHz, SCLK:1.536MHz).

I attached I2S LRCLK and SCLK waveform for your reference.

               Example: 48K sampling Rate, 16bit length

                              SCLK = 48K*16*2 = 1.536MHz

               Example: 48K sampling Rate,24bit length

                              SCLK = 48K*24*2 = 2.304MHz


Would you please kindly give me some of suggestion? Thank  you.