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AD5272 Not Acknowledging

Question asked by mikewu4466 on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by msamera

I'm trying to communicate with the AD5272 through a USB-I2C interface called USB2ANY from TI. I'm using the AD5272 EVAL board to try to do this. I currently have my SCL connected through T5, and SDA is connected through T4 (so that I don't have to go through ADG774). First off, is this a valid connection? This could be a potential source of error, but based on the schematic, this seems like a direct connection and should be valid.


On LK3 on the EVM, I have the jumper across terminal B, which means that Vdd is going to the ADDR terminal of the pot (verified with a DMM), so that means that the slave address of the device should be 0101100. Plugging this into the USB2ANY Explorer along with a message gives me the timing diagram below.



It appears as if the U2A Explorer is taking care of the R/W bit for me, since once I input "0x2C" into the slave address field, it outputs this timing diagram, where it's pretty clear to see that the R/W bit is being taken care of with a 0. However, on the 9th clock pulse, SDA is high, which means that the address isn't being acknowledged, and the Explorer gives me similar feedback. I've been stuck on this for a while, what could the error be?