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CN0359 SensorReliable Function

Question asked by lee_trieu on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by lee_trieu

Hello everybody !

I have a question about CN0359 board, please help me clearly understand.

I'm trying to measure conductivity using CN0359 design and Conductivity cell, it named CS8300TC from Sensorex.

I follow CN0359 design and source code. In examples code, i found "SensorReliable " function(Conductivity.cpp file):

bool SensorReliable(const double dRawCurrent, const double dRawVoltage) // reference resistor voltage + sensor voltage is in +/- 10% range of excitation voltage
  return ((dRawCurrent > 0)
        && (dRawVoltage > 0)
        && ((dRawVoltage+dRawCurrent) > (GetOptions().m_fVoltage*24159190.95))
        && ((dRawVoltage+dRawCurrent) < (GetOptions().m_fVoltage*29527900.05))  );

Can you please let me know the equation of about code ?

And, please let me know more about default value of EXC Frequency, TEMP Coefficient, and EXC Voltage

Thanks all !