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AD9361 FMCOMMS3 EVAL control through iio

Question asked by yanyu.huang on Jun 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by sripad



   We have a AD9361 eval board and we have been using Matlab to control the data transmission/reception. There are few features that we want to be able to have or be able to automate in Matlab, and wonder if anyone knows how we could do it.


1. Loop trigger: We would like to synchronize the Tx and Rx data and use the Rx path like a observation receiver for Tx. We know one other TRx from ADI has such a functionality, its Tx sends out a trigger signal every time before transmitting starts, so the captured data in Rx always has a fixed delay to the Tx data. We wonder if AD9361 also provide such function?


2. Tx power level control: Is there a way to setup Tx attenuation automatically? We were able to control the Tx attenuation through iio before we update the iio library but now we don't see a function or command to do that.


3. TRx SPI control: If we know the SPI address and value we want to set, is there a way to do that without manually setting up those values in the linux GUI but through Matlab?


4. Calibration control: We are curious about the calibrations running on the background and would like to be able to turn them off, again through Matlab. Is this possible?


5. Configuration reset on waveform loading: We had tried to turn off some of the calibrations through the linux GUI, but after loading a new waveform to the board, the SPI values are reset and the calibrations resumes. We are wondering if there is any way to turn off all calibrations regardless of waveform update.