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Ad7147 Wiring

Question asked by Dave_Tripp on Jun 27, 2016
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I'm wondering if anyone can look at this PCB I've designed and let me know if it looks right or needs to be changed. This is to connect an external AD7147 to the evaluation board through its external connector. The PCB is designed to measure force. Each pad on the PCB is covered in a layer of silicon, then a piece of aluminum is placed on top. Applying force to the aluminum should squish the silicon and change the distance between the aluminum and pad on the pcb, thereby changing resistance. I'm having trouble with my set up right now, so I'm hoping I can eliminate (or fix) the wiring design as a source of error. Also, do I need to Ground the aluminum piece?


The choice to use CIN 0 and CIN 2 was just to make soldering easier.