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TBC Functionality

Question asked by NTCT on Jul 28, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2011 by NTCT

We have a highly unstable analog video source (SD PAL) that needs to go through both full frame time base correction (TBC) and adaptive digital line length tracking (ADLLT). It seems that many of your video decoder chips are capable of doing this, but the problem is that we need analog output, either composite or S-video (in this case 3D comb filter functionality is required). The exact type of the output doesn't matter, composite is fine. No other functionality is necessary, just TBC & ADLLT. Please advice us on how to accomplish this in the simplest and most economical way. It seems that ADV7802 has a mysterious output called "analog monitor output". What exactly is this? Is it by any chance a corrected composite output pin? If yes, do you think the chip would work for our purposes? Also, would it be possible to avoid using an external microcontroller with the chip? We really don't need much control over the process. Thanks!