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AD9910 Source Code Update

Question asked by jm6492 on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by JLKeip

I am trying to modify the source code for the AD9910 eval software, so I downloaded the available code from tha AD website: EVAL-AD9910 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices. However, when I build the software from this source code, I find that it is Version 1.0 of the software (for Windows 98, NT, etc.) as opposed to the version of the software that can be downloaded directly from that website (Version 2.1, for Windows 7, 8, etc.). Due to what I think is a change in the built-in file structure of USB driver access from earlier to current versions of Windows (I'm running Windows 7, 32-bit), Version 1.0 of the software cannot locate and control the eval board. Where can I get the source code for Version 2.1 of the eval software?