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HMC966LP4E Image Rejection

Question asked by sss on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by huangzeyan

Hi all,


Our customer evaluate the HMC966 RF performances.


Frequency is ,

・LO=10GHz , +6.5dBm




Following the measurement setting is Typical Application Circuit at the datasheet 12 page.

SG(RF) - isolator - HMC966 - 90 deg Hyblid(IF) - filter - Spectrum Analyzer

SG(LO) - isolator -


Our customer measurement data of Image rejection is the data sheet specifications as well as the 15dB, but it is minimum spec.

Customer target spec is 20dB(min) w / design margin.


What we are thinking that ,

Is it possible to improve the performance by adjusting the line length between the IF1/IF2 output and the 90 deg Hyblid ?


Do we have other way to improve the performance of the Image rejection ?


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