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ADV7341 color bars only Black and White?

Question asked by Craig2281 on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by GuenterL

I have a ADV734x evaluation board with an ADV7341 installed on it.  I am trying to output color bars on DAC4 in SD NTSC CVBS format.  For some reason only black/white/grey bars are being transmitted. 

I'm setting the following registers using I2C  (from the datasheet - internal test pattern)


0x00      0xFC

0x82      0xC9

0x84      0x40

The datasheet says that writing 0x24 to address 0x02 changes the color bars to black and white, but I am not writing to this register. I have also written to address 0x02 to clear bit 2 as well, with no change.


I am not doing any configuration for the other chips on the board.  There is a 27MHz clock from the on-board ADV7180 that I have jumpered to the ADV7341 CLKIN_A.


Am I missing something?  Why is the output not in color?

Thank you.