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ADum4135 Questions

Question asked by btrento on Jun 23, 2016
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I noticed in Fig. 28 of the the datasheet for the adum4135 it doesn't show the fault and ready pins connected to VDD1 through pull-up resistors but does in the user guide for the demo board.  Are those resistors required? 


Is there an equation for sizing tblank with Rblank and Cblank?  How is this blanking time related to the PWM deadtime?  Should this blanking time match the PWM deadtime or be longer?  If longer, by how much?   Without the resistor connected the blanking time should be tblank= Cblank x Vdesat/ Ichg, correct? Is there limits on values for Cblank? At what point, do I need to use Rblank and Vdd2?


Specifically, I'm wanting to protect some SiC mosfets with this driver, so I'm wanting to know how to size the blanking circuit for that application.