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AD-FMCOMMS-5 Two AD9361 Synchronization?

Question asked by c3commsystems on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by tlili

According to AD9361 Reference Manual (UG-570) and AD-Wiki [1], "The SYNC_IN pin on the AD9361 is driven directly from the FPGA, length matched to both AD9361 devices, so the edge hits both parts at the same time."


However, a close check of the schematics of AD-FMCOMMS-5 at [2], the SYNC_IN of both AD9361chips are tied down to ground. Are these schematics up-to-date or we cannot use SYNC_IN to synchronize both AD9361 on this EVB by design?



[1] Synchronizing multiple AD9361 devices [Analog Devices Wiki]