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AD2410 Evaluation kit Selfboot possible?

Question asked by mamsadegh on Jun 23, 2016

Hello every one,


we have a AD2410 A2B Bus evaluation kit which basically contains 3 boards, one master node with ADAU1452 on it and two other slave nodes with AD2410.


Now I have realized a system for these boards, using sigmastudio and usb cable I can put the design on the boards and it works well.


Now I want this evaluation kit to operate in standalone or better to say selfboot mode.


According to other posts in this forum, when the master is not in selfboot mode and i have tested the systam and i am sure it works fine, I open the hardware configuration tab,

then I right click on ADAU1452 and select

Self boot memory -- Write lastest compilation through DSP


the write oparation gets finished fine.

The check of data also gets finished fine.


Now, if I change the DIP switch and put the master board in selfboot mode,

and turn on the boards, Nothing happens.


Does any one know why?