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Blackin Linker error - attempted redefinition by library

Question asked by JohnC-vid on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2016 by Kader.M

CCES 2.2.0     Blackfin 706


I have just got the following linker error:

[Error li1050]  '_adi_dispatched_int_vector_table' ('adi_dispatched_int_vector_table'): Multiply defined symbol in processor 'P0'.

        Initial definition:     '.\system\startup_ldf\app_handler_table.doj'

        Attempted redefinition: 'libevent.dlb[dispatched_handler_table.doj]'


I thought that library definitions were only added if needed, and not already defined?


The problem has started as I am rearranging memory sections in a manually generated .ldf. I am fairly confident about doing this in VDSP. For this build I am attempting to put all sections into L2 ram and have probably over simplified the allocation. Having now placed all used sections this is the only error reported from the linker.


In the last working link the map file shows that the copy from startup\ldf\app_handler_table is used (from default section L1_data)


The relevant link allocation is

     INPUT_SECTIONS( $OBJS_LIBS_INTERNAL(data1 voldata constdata) )



Is there anything obvious I have missed?


John C