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ad6676ebz adc_capture with 256-bit master AXI get stuck

Question asked by Tuan.Truong on Jun 23, 2016
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I'm using the ad6676ebz to capture data from the adc then store them into the DDR3. I'm using the reference designs HDL and no-os software version 2015_R1. Everything works fine with the default configuration of the AXI_DMAC (64-bit master AXI).

Now, beside adc data I'm trying to store also some additional bits into the DDR, I have to change the source and destination axi data bit width to 256, the fifo write clock is 200 MHz then the adc_capture() function get stuck at "Wait until the current transfer is completed"

do {

  adc_dma_read(AXI_DMAC_REG_IRQ_PENDING, &reg_val); 


  while(reg_val != (AXI_DMAC_IRQ_SOT | AXI_DMAC_IRQ_EOT));

Please let me know if the IP AXI_DMAC supports master AXI data width larger than 64 bits along with 200 MHz fifo write clock?

Many thanks:)


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