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Driving ADL5380 with Single Ended RF and LO

Question asked by Dwijen on Jul 28, 2011
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We are using ADL5380 for one of our application and we are willing to use device across its full frequency range 400MHz to 6GHz. As Balun for this much wide frequency range is not available, we are forced to drive device with single ended RF and LO.


Now we are converting RF into 70MHz IF, so I think increased DC offset due to high LO leakage in single ended configuration would be filtered out. We will also filter out LO leakage into IF by SAW filter. My question is are these precautions eneough to reduce adverse effects of driving RF and LO single ended?


My second question is, If we are willing to drive RF and LO single ended then I think it can be done by ac coupling RFIN to ground and directly driving RFIP with single ended input. Is this mechanism is sufficient or Is there any particular recomended circuit to drive RF or LO with single ended input?


Please attach any graph showing performance degradation of the device when driving single ended, if possible.


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