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What are the different python files in Alice 1.1 release ?

Question asked by BThomas on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by BThomas

On unpacking the file there are quite a few python files. I would be grateful for some clarification on what is what, since there seems to be multiple copies of similar files. In particular what are the differences between :


1) Alice : alice-1.1.pyw and alice-desktop-1.1.pyw


2) Stripchart: mixed-sig-strip-chart-1.1.pyw and strip-chart-tool-1.1.pyw


3) DC Ohm Meter :  ohm-meter-tool-1.1.pyw, ohm-meter-vdiv-1.1.pyw, and ohm-meter-vdiv-2.1.pyw


4) DC Voltmeter / Voltage Source : volt-meter-tool-1.1.pyw, dc-meter-source-tool-1.1.pyw and meter-source-dac-slider-1.1.pyw