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Setting up ADAU1781 to work as an audio codec through Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins

Question asked by epalaima on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by DaveThib

I would like to create an i2s audio i/o hat for the Raspberry Pi using the ADAU1781. The end product has the following requirements:

-Works through the Pi's GPIO pins, rather than a usb interface

-Is recognizable as an audio device by alsa, showing up after aplay -l command in terminal

-Provides low latency audio in and out

-Preferably can be made to run in mono rather than stereo, but this is not a deal breaker


I am using the Raspberry Pi 3 model B (here is the pinout: )


I would like to know which pins of each chip I need to connect in order to set up i/o and proper clocking, and the steps I need to take on the Pi's linux system for it to recognize the ADAU1781 as an audio device in alsa.