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Dual-Boot on Blackfin

Question asked by ksweet on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2011 by gvasanth

I am using a Blackfin BF537, with Ethernet.  I would like the ability to update firmware over Ethernet.


In order to reduce the chance of turning a device into a brick in the field, we usually use a dual-bot design on our products.  We keep two copies of the application in flash memory, and always have a backup copy if one gets corrupted.  This requires a second-stage bootloader that chooses which image to boot-load from flash.


The Blackfin's boot ROM is hard-coded into the DSP silicon.  The Blackfin must always boot some application (from flash memory in my design).  So I need to find (or write) a boot-loader application that can boot-load other applications from flash.


Does Analog Devices have some kind of a boot-loader application that I could use for this?  I'd rather not write my own boot-loader.  Another question might be: is there some way to accomplish this with InitCode??