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SPI communication to ADIS16228 not functionning

Question asked by MAGA on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by NevadaMark

Hi Mark, All,


A driver for the ADIS16228 vibration sensor was developed last year. This year, using this driver, SPI communication seems to be down. The chip is on an SPI bus with two other chips.


The behavior is this: with the other chips, basic read commands seem to go through correctly, however with the ADIS16228, the MISO line (data from the chip) only produces 0xFF 0xFF as a response. The line seems to be stuck high. My question is this: can this be an indicator that the chip is damaged or dead? Is this the correct idle value (high and not low)?


I will break out the oscilloscope when I can have access to it but at a glance does this sounds like a damaged chip? The command I was using was 0x56 0x00 at 500 kHz with quite a significant delay between commands which were being sent continuously. Electrically everything seems to be sound (validated VDD, CS etc,).