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Question about ADV7181D status register

Question asked by youstu on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

I want to use ADV7181D to convert CVBS  to YUV.


ADV7181D is init with recommend settings from <ADV7181D_ADV7181D@_ADV7341-VER.1.0c.txt>.


Then only half width of the input image is captured from the output . And I got 0x49, 0xC0 and 0x2d from status register 1~3.


The input signal is recognized as PAL signal, While it is NTSC  actually, and Fsc Lock is 0.


I wonder what does Fsc stands for ? And what would cause auto detection failed?