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ADV7619 I2C issue

Question asked by Mentor on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by q728117579


   we use Xilinx FPGA to generate I2C signal and try to control ADV7619. But after booting, when we first to send write command to ADV7619, it return NO ACK. I have confirmed these items below:


1. I2C timing is meet ADV7619 data sheet (Table. 3)

2. I2C SCL frequency is about 55KHz.

3. I2C timing is meet fast-mode spec. of I2C.

4. when ACK (the 9th clock), SCL and SDA is set as Hi-Z (high impedance). So it could be controlled by ADV7619.

5. exposed PAD is connected to GND.


Is anything (setting) we need to do?

Any ideas what the issue could be?