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ADV7619 I2C script questions

Question asked by ludvvig on Jun 21, 2016
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I have been going through most of the documentation of the ADV7619 a couple of times, getting a better understanding on each pass. Still some questions remain, which I will split up in several EngineerZone questions as they seem orthogonal.


In the example I²C scripts, the sensibly commented I²C commands correspond to documented registers of the documentation, but there are also "ADI request required" style I²C commands, whose registers are undumented as far as I can tell. Can I assume ADI refers to Analog Devices (International?), and AD chose not to publish the semantics of these registers? Or is my crooked slanted eyesight overseeing a relevant document/page?


Concerning for example the PLL configuration, the state diagram and description explains the sequential aspects of modifying these PLL registers. Does one similarily need to beware of the ordering/insertion of different (documented) I²C commands with respect to the (undocumented) "ADI request required" commands when modifying the example scripts? Or can one safely assume the undocumented configurations are relatively non-interacting with the documented registers?