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I need to develop a synthesizer PCB using ADF5355 to generate 10GHz signal, can you please provide design guidelines and an appropriate simulation software also reqd. please. Also need guidelines for interfacing with windows PC... Not using Eval Kit of an

Question asked by manumowar on Jun 21, 2016
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I am pursuing PG in Radio Frequency & Design & need to develop a 60 GHz system for my student Project. As a starting point, I need to use ADF5355 to generate 10 GHz signal and subsequently multiply it to get the end result. I shall not be using the Eval kit for this chip but would like to develop my own. Can you please guide me about PCB design using ADF5355 so as to enable generation of desired signal. Would also request you to suggest a suitable simulation software as Labview of ADS. Further, I need guidance on Interfacing this synthesizer with a windows PC, Can Labview be used to interface this with PC?