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ADSP BF 609 Kit

Question asked by PrakashKumarMishra on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2016 by PrasanthR

Dear friends,

I have installed the ADI lwIP v2.0.0 Board Support package for transfer of data from embedded Kit to windows PC using  File Server Example (ADSP-BF609).

I was able to open the file on my host windows PC and creating a file and storing some data with the help of GUI based application for Ethernet communication given in the BSP.



My objective is to store an analog captured data via Video Decoder Extender Board and storing it on PC via Ethernet.

For the time being with the use of Video Decoder EI3 Extender Board v1.1.0 i have been able to save the captured data on PC but via JTAG interface.

Now can any body provide me the example for directly storing the analog captured data on the PC via Ethernet or help me to use two different example of two different BSPs mentioned above and club them together and use it with some modification.