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【Need help】:question about two piece of adv7610 to connect in one IIC line

Question asked by snowdream on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by GuenterL

Hi all:


      now i have two piece of adv7610 and i connected them in one IIC line.


       according to adv7610 document, i pull up one adv7610 chip and make it iomap iic address is 0x9a.and the other one is 0x98 as default.


       my two adv7610 use the same video configuration but the adv7610 with iomap iic address is ok but the adv7610 with 0x9a as its iomap iic address is not ok.(i just give the same 1080p video signal to them and one adv7610 has the output clk 148.5Mhz and the other one is 0)


       i followed the document to config the iic address and iic read write to 0x9a,0x98 are all ok.i wonder why the same adv7610 configuration with different result.


        thank you so much.