AD7175-2 output data asymmetry

Discussion created by Webber.Tsai on Jun 20, 2016
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Dear Sir

There are some problems for AD7175-2

  1. Integral nonlinearity error

      When AD7175-2 set the following conditions:

(1) Vcc and Vss operating voltage +/- 2.5V, REF = 2.5V (MAX6325), AIN0 input DC voltage range (fluke

       calibration input) = + 1.2V ~ -1.2V, 0.1V stage, AIN1 = GND

(2) Enable Internal buffer, output rate = 5SPS

(3) calibration offset voltage & gain error

       However, the actual use of the maximum error AD7175-2 have 18ppm error, why do not meet the datasheet Integral

        nonlinearity spec (max +/- 7.8ppm) ?

        Can your provide AD7175-2 Integral nonlinearity 0V TO Vref a diagram of curves?


2. have the positive input(AIN0-AIN1) and negative input(AIN0-AIN1) symmetrical curve error data for AD7175-2 ? 

    The actual test ,tpositive curve and negative curve have asymmetry occurs


Additional files for AD7175-2 data