CCTV Video Recorder Project

Discussion created by josuebc85 on Jun 19, 2016
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I have an electrical engineer background but very early in my career I shifted into software development. I would like to start a project based mostly on hardware. My idea is to build a CCTV Video Recorder.

The project itself would be to build one of those CCTV DVRs devices. This means that multiple NTSCP/PAL signals will be the input. These signals would need to be decoded and compressed to record them and doing some other processing like motion detection. The recorded stream would then need to be encoded for playback and RTSP streaming.

I've been searching for some parts but I am not sure all the part I'd need.

I figure I could use a video CODEC like the ADV7202 but maybe I need tow separate ICs, one for encode and another for decode like the ADV7180 together with the ADV7931.

Separating the decoding and encoding of the signals will allow me to process the images and record them as well as doing some other compression/processing on the incoming stream such as playback.

Can anybody recommend some other parts to read on or maybe a book for these type of projects?