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AD6655, Spectral reversal

Question asked by Shyam61 on Jun 20, 2016
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Hi Jonathan,

One more question about AD6655.

"In the event of even Nyquist zone sampling, the half-band filter can be configured to provide a spectral reversal. Setting Bit 2 high in Address 0x103 enables the spectral reversal feature." this is from data sheet , page 39, below figure 73.

Now imagine a condition where Ch-A has +5 to +25 MHz IF , while Ch-B has -5 to -25 MHz IF, in a 100 MHz Sampling clock. Can I use the spectral reversal feature to invert the -5 MHz to -25 MHz spectrum? Here the assumption is that a 15 MHz NCO is used for I & Q generation. Is it same as multiplication by -1 on the Q component?