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Multiple sampling rates ADAU1452

Question asked by Olombo on Jun 19, 2016
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finally got my ADAU1452 Board working. Based on the community help without any hastle. worked directly everything fine.

Now a small questions regarding programming:

I want to use a FIR filter at low frequencies. In order to avoid large amount of coefficients (getting short on computing resources rapidly!) I want to resample the low frequency part (fs/4 or similar), compute with short FIR, resample to fs and send it out.


As far as I understoof I could do it like this:

ASRC input from e.g. I2S; resample to fs/4; send to DSP core

Compute it in DSP core; send to another ASRC

Resample in ASRC to fs; send to DSP Core

Use any output in DSP core


So although my internal fs is then e.g. 48kHz I will only have computed this signal every 4. sequence. Correct?

Is there anything to remember for the FIR filter? I shorten the tabs to 1/4 and adjust to new sample rate. But is that all? Will it accordingly only be called every 4. sample? Or is it still called every sample (and I have to make it 48kHz) and no computing resources are saved?


Hope my question is clear....