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Fast attack AGC settings for a custom waveform

Question asked by on Jun 19, 2016
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I am working on a custom waveform, which resembles LTE 10 Mhz waveform and here are some of the details.

Frame size: 1 ms

No of symbols : 12 (with guard period of 16.7 us, as in outdoor LTE).

But my design considers first two OFDM symbols as preamble and rest as data.

We have 25 db dynamic range in the base band with fixed gain setting and want to improve system dynamic range to 60 db with the help of AGC.The AGC settings suggested by the local FAE are close to what is mentioned in the Gain control user guide and I could see lot of packet drops while varying attenuation between transmitter and receiver.

Can some one please suggest the suitable Fast AGC settings for the above waveform ?


Thanks in advance