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Having troubles getting ADAU1452 to program ADAU1761 via I2C

Question asked by davidengler on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by DaveThib

ADAU1452 Slave Interface:

     -  ADAU1452 I2C slave configuration and USBi interface seems to be working

     -  Write Through DSP programming and verification function seems to work.

     - Is there an example project that can be uploaded that shows a simple ADAU1452 and ADAU1761

          implementation that uses only  I2C interface (no SPI)?  I want our CPU to interface into audio block with I2C

          only. Implementation would have 3 ASRC inputs (including SPDIF), and 1 ASRC output(I2C amplifier).  Sample

          rate is 48khz and ADAU1452 is master in all cases.



ADAU1452 Master Interface to I2C EEPROM (0xa0)

     -  Seems to be working as BCLK and LRCLK are active after ADAU1452 reads from programmed i2c eeprom (0xa2)

     -  I2C activity seems to indicate appropriate blocks (headers) are being read from EEPROM and there is a lot of I2C           traffic.  I am not sure what all the traffic is.

      -  I am a bit concerned about various I2C EEPROMs paritions.  It seems I can only use I2C EEPROMs which align -           with available address in ADAU145. For example, OnSemi uses LS bit for SW address bank and uChip uses an

          upper bit.

     -  What I don't see are the I2c programming cycles from ADAU1452 ->  ADAU1761. I would expect to see i2c cycles

          targeting 0x70 targeting ADAU1761.

     -  It may be that I have not capture these cycles yet?  Do cycles targeting slaves on ADAU1452 occur significantly

         long time after Reading contents for EEPROM?

    -  Is there a I2C memory map that shows internal eeprom organization so that I can read the byes and verify health?

     - Is there an I2C memory map that outlines the I2C sequence  in embedded in program for programming adau1761?

     - Is my assumption on sequence correct? 

               - power up,

               - de-assert reset# ,

               - ADAU1452 master reads ADAU1452 specific information and writes clock registers (mclk, arsc,etc)

               - ADAU1452 master reads eeprom and writes the program memory areas.

                    - Does master control port I2C run from program that written in DSP memory?    

                    - Is there a way to confirm EEPROM contents and master control port function?

                    - or is there a way to verify the master i2c control port is programmed properly?

               - finally, i would expect ADAU1452 initiate I2C traffic targeting ADAU1761.