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Why ADAS1000 SPI using CPOL Low to Communicate with Blackfin

Question asked by duemilanove on Jun 17, 2016
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I have ADAS1000SDZ eval board.

Datasheet said that SPI Communication using configuration as follow :


* CPHA = Leading (falling) on SDO, Trailing on SDI


SDP Blackfin connected to J2 Connector. I use the logic analyzer to analyze the signal on SCK,SDI, CS, and SDO. It seems like the SCK is idle LOW contradict with the datasheet.


Any explanation please?


Additional :

I tried to communicate using microcontroller via J4 connector. Using CPOL Low failed the communication but when i using CPOL High like datasheet evrything works fine. I can see data on SDO as expected. It bothers me alot that J2 and J4 Connector share the same SPI pin. Why it can communicate in CPOL Low to Blackfin but the same time can communicate in CPOL High with Microcontroller