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Adaptive Beamformer in SigmaStudio

Question asked by jerry1 on Jun 16, 2016



I am new in SigmaDSP. Now I am trying to use the adaptive beamformer in SigmaStudio based on the example provided by Adaptive Beam Forming [Analog Devices Wiki]


The screenshot of the block diagram is shown below. The chip I am using is ADAU1442. Since my inputs are coming from a speech in the computer, they are actually identical. To test the beamformer, I manually added a delay block to model the signal arrived in different directions. However, no matter what delay value I set in the delay block, the beamformer always produced the best output when the delay variable for the left channel was set to 9 (i.e. Single 1 block was set to 9). Why does this happen?


In addition, when I set my delay to be (for example) 2, I can also get a good output when the left channel delay for the beamformer is set to 2. According to the official description, the right channel has a fixed delay 8. From my understanding, I should get a good result when the left channel delay is set to 10 instead of 2. Is there anything wrong with my understanding?



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