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HDMI 1080p / 24p to ITU-R BT656 converter with ADV7482

Question asked by klaute on Jun 16, 2016
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is it possible that a ADV7482 could be used to convert any HDMI/UXGA input signal - like 1080p or 24p - to  something like ITU-R BT656 with PAL resolution? My FPGA device is already able to manage that encoding.

My first thought was that an ADV7611 could be a good solution but it's to much effort to implement the conversion by myself.


My FPGA application only requires an image resoltion of 20x20 pixel, but the input source can be any possible HDMI signal source. And the input HDMI signal should not automatically switched down to an lower resolution if my device is connected to it.


Do you have any idea to manage my requirements?


Thank you!


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