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Script file of HDMI-GR format in ADV7611

Question asked by TAO_2199 on Jun 16, 2016
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Regarding to the input supporting format in ADV7611, we have some questions.

Our customer will use following some formats as new design project.


HDMI-GR mode

XGA          (1024(H)×768(V))

SXGA          (1280(H)×1024(V))

SXGA-W     (1360(H)×1024(V))

WXGA+      (1440(H)×900(V))


1) About script file of above formats,

We checked script file in EVAL-ADV7611EB1Z_scripts_v3_0. But we couldn't find out these scripts.

If you have these files, could you please let us know?


2) About SXGA-W(1360(H)×1024(V)) and WXGA+ (1440(H)×900(V)),

According to the ADV7611 Reference Manual(UG-180),it seems that these format will be non-standard format.

Will these formats be supported in ADV7611?

If so, can these format be supported manually with some registers same as ADV7441?


And could you please let us know that procedure(document)?