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I need to have my partner run my modified version of iio-oscilloscope without him breaking his current original version

Question asked by S.Garza on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by S.Garza

We have made modifications to the files osc.c, osc.h,, fmcooms2.c in order to capture data according to our application's needs. Now we need our partner to be able to run this modified SW in his development kit without breaking (leaving not functional) the original iio-oscilloscope software that came with his board, for he will still need to use both versions.

We tried renaming files and modifying the Makefile accordingly, but still due to what seem to be conflicts with the shared folders/files, we still have not been able to run both versions in the same platform (run the modified one and then the original one and vice versa) without one affecting the other.


Could you please help us to find the proper way to do this?


Thanks a lot in advance